Something App-Like This Way Comes

Welcome to October! We are six months (or so) into our discovery of Ash Falls. The mystery surrounding the circle of dhampir keeps growing in The Perpetuals. Hostile spirits threaten our very existence in Fallen. Rob keeps setting things on fire in Reborn. And we've introduced the ever-so-corrupt AFPD and their serial killer nemesis in Holly.

Not to mention that we've completed our first Ash Falls novel, Inheritance.

But there has been some unrest among the readers recently. "Jeremy," they've begun asking, "we can't help but notice that nothing has been updated on the Ash Falls web site in a few weeks. You're not getting ready to abandon Ash Falls, are you? Because bad things will happen if you leave us hanging in the middle of four different story-lines..."

Now, just put down the pitchforks and torches for a moment. What is actually happening is pretty exciting.

We've entered the final beta testing phase for the Fictionite app! Real Soon Now, the entire Ash Falls universe will be available to you online via your tablet or phone!

This is the moment the entire Fiction Vortex family has been working towards for months now. Our entire library, available to you on your tablet or smart phone. Not to mention the contents of every other Fiction Vortex Storyverse! You will, very shortly, be buried under readable content. Not to mention that, during this "publication delay," the Ash Falls authors have still been working away: there will be new episodes available in all four current story-lines, as well as another piece of short fiction by yours truly.

So, you know, no need to storm the castle demanding new content.

In other exciting Ash Falls news, we have added another talented author to our lineup. Jeanette Koczwara's immortal biker gang will be rumbling into Ash Falls after the turn of the new year, bringing our total of active Ash Falls authors to seven. And we aren't done yet! Stay tuned for more new author news in the weeks to come.

In short - don't panic, the new episodes are on their way. Along with a nifty new mechanism for devouring them. And we are still adding authors: we aren't going anywhere. Use this time to give your flight-or-fight organs a chance to rest and recover. Or, you know, head over to the Fictionite Store and pick up a copy of the Ash Falls Sampler - a great introduction to the Ash Falls universe. The Sampler also makes a fabulous gift. After all, Halloween and Christmas are right around the corner...

Jeremy C. Schofield
Managing Editor,
Ash Falls Gazette


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