"I'm Creative, Deal With It" by K.Edwin Fritz

Hello, world.

I’m K. Edwin Fritz, one of the authors in the Ash Falls StoryVerse. For my inaugural post to the Gazette I thought I’d take a stab at once and for all answering a question I get asked all the time… "Where do you get your ideas?"

My short answer is the blunt title above: “I’m creative. Deal with it.”

My long answer?
Well… it’s not really an answer. It’s more of a kind of venting at how annoying this question can become over time. I mean, seriously, why is it that simply saying "I guess I'm just a creative person," isn't a good enough answer?

Why is it that people don’t seem to believe me when I tell them ideas pop into my head all the time… while I’m driving, when I’m eating, when I’m reading, when I’m sick, when I’m showering, when I’m buying groceries, when I’m at funerals, when I’m buying a new car, when I’m supposed to be doing other work, and pretty much every third time I catch myself breathing?

Why is it they politely scoff when I explain that sometimes I have to stop actively working on a story right there on my computer screen in order to jot down ideas for another story that is completely unrelated to the one I was just working on?

Why is it they have a look of distrust all over their faces when I tell them how one time a friend of mine suddenly challenged me to tell a brand new story, on the spot, and I delivered a real zinger that actually made her shed a tear of happiness when it was done even though I was never more than 10 seconds ahead of whatever was coming out of my mouth?

Because the truth really is that simple.
I’m creative, people. Deal with it.

Part of me thinks they expect I’m going to provide some kind of brilliant, enlightening answer that has the power to instantly transform anyone into an author.  

Part of me thinks they’re just hoping to gain a wonderful anecdote for their future water-cooler moments.

But the biggest part of me thinks the truth is much simpler than that. I think the people who ask that kind of question have an honest interest in the life of an author, except they lack the creativity themselves to ask more pertinent, engaging questions. And if that’s true, it's not their fault. I'm the creative one, after all.

As the song goes, I may be right; I may be crazy. Either way, I consider myself lucky as hell to have the magical makeup in my brain that fills my life (and hopefully a few others along the way) with so much joy.

Creatively yours,
-K. Edwin Fritz

PS: Blatant Book Plug… You know that ‘zinger’ of a story I made up on the spot that one time? I eventually wrote it down under the title “Doctor Time”. It’s in my first collection, Night Storms, which you read about on my website and can buy on Amazon or as an autographed copy.


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